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Jack Burnford specialises in making fast moving objects look very, very beautiful. Burnford started his career at Top Gear before moving on to direct on Fifth Gear and The Classic Car Show. Jack has worked on every flagship automotive production going. In the commercial arena he has also created high-quality branded content for clients including Red Bull, Williams and McLaren Formula 1 teams as well as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Burnford enjoys pushing the latest cinematographic technology to its limits to get the exact effect he wants. Whether filming in Orange County or Pyongyang, underwater or in a helicopter, Jack has been there. He is also expert at working with talent and has earned the trust of established presenters and new faces new alike 


A collection of some of Jack's films in the automotive space, both broadcast VTs and BRANDED CONTENT

The Chevrolet Camaro VT, the series finale for The Classic Car Show shot on location in the Mojave desert in LA.


The Ferrari 250 California Spyder, Jodie's favourite car, for Ep 1 of The Classic Car Show.

Jodie travels to DTLA to meet legendary Porsche collector Magnus Walker.

Tiff Needell is in Cape Town to test the epic Lamborghini Hurracan for the Fifth Gear South Africa Special.

Jodie and Quentin are on the road trip of a lifetime in a Buick on California's Route 1


A light hearted short film Jack directed for Williams F1 team to keep the fans interested during the Summer Break. 

Creative by Jack Burnford

Production Company: The Big RD.

Created for BMW this film shows several key cars in the range kitted out with M Performance accessories. The film even made it onto THIS blog.

Creative by Jack Burnford

Production Company: Juice 

A short film to promote McLaren's new High Downforce spoiler for the 570S

Directed by Jack Burnford

Production Company: Juice.

Our work

Directors Eye View...

Recently Jack started a photographic project to show what he see's on his monitor and what the crew have to do to get the shot in the  'What I see / What You See' series.

Keep checking back to see what Jack's been up to...

These are a  series of stills taken from a shoot for BMW, both in studio and location. The top picture showing what Jack sees, whether its the lighting set up or the crew. The bottom image is what Jack sees on his monitor. The differences are pretty big!

On location with Nicki Shields directing the launch film forthe new BMW 5 Series.

I shot this piece to camera with F1 pioneer Susie Wolff in a garage at Silverstone - the difference between the space and what you see on camera is amazing..




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